I AM B unisex espadrilles

To be or not to be, that is not the question. For the new Barracuda range, it's a matter of being and doing so with style and charm.

The I AM B unisex leather espadrilles are a revolutionary status-affirming item, an extravagant exclamation among the products of a company consistently bent on reinventing traditional lines of the casual style, by blending them with a tireless quest for innovation, a bold statement that sounds like: “I am the new icon of the casual chic style”.

Leatherropecotton and rubber revive an evergreen shoe normally associated with low-range footwear, by enhancing the quality level through choice materials and refined craftsmanship featuring tubular processing. Moreover, the shoe's charm is enhanced by the wide variety of colours, from bright fluo to shades that are toned-down yet still lively and evocative of a seaside atmosphere. The shades take on geometric shapes, turn into patches or assume a creative dimension. So the colours become spots that drop onto the uppers, like random splashes of paint: indelible signs of a creative and original approach.

I AM B: these espadrilles are the outsiders within the Barracuda men's collection, yet – at the same time – they strengthen and affirm the collection unsurpassed charm thanks to their unconventional attitude.

A nominee for the “best shoe” at the PROJECT 2013 Blogger Awards in New York, the I AM B unisex espadrilles can't wait to enter your wardrobe. Provided that you identify with their philosophy: you are about to wear a pair of shoes sporting a decidedly strong character.