There was once a time when any little detail was an opportunity to revolutionise fashion. However, the influence of military clothing on fashion has been around since the very concept of fashion was invented. These two elements will give us a better understanding of the origins of creepers in men's fashion.

We're in London, right after the World War II. After heavy bombing, rationing and war-imposed austerity, young people who were not on the battlefield hankered after something new fashion-wise.

Inspiration finally arrived with the ships that were coming back from the African campaigns. Just as they did with desert boots, military uniforms were what triggered the idea for creating the shoes that have become the icons of 1950s fashion and a mainstay accessory of the rockabilly, punk and Goth subcultures. Creepers have a high crepe rubber sole and, in their historical guise, have a suede upper.

Today, Barracuda is writing a new chapter in the history of creepers, reinterpreting the lines and characteristics of this iconic shoe with numerous versions to make a distinctive feature of their high soles. From teddy boy staples, creepers have become fashion accessories for Barracuda man.