Can style become the defining element of a casual everyday look? The answer is "Yes", but only if you pay attention to the details. Calf leather shoes are a choice that undoubtedly demonstrates style. But it is only when the material is really crafted, without fear to reinvent or generate new ideas from old, that we can create something truly exceptional.

If it's the details that attract your attention, then it will be the details that demonstrate the uniqueness of this calf leather shoe. Starting with the punched motif that hints at sports footwear but also with a nod to the decorative details of classic men's footwear. The contrasting sole plays with chiaroscuro, highlighting and defining the shoe's character.

The shoe's calf leather upper bears a crowning declaration of the shoe's uniqueness: the Barracuda name. Like any shoe that carries this name, this calf leather shoe is the result of an alchemy of tradition, innovation, quality craftsmanship and careful material selection, and is dedicated to the man who knows that casual style is anything but a casual choice.

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