The Barracuda 2013-2014 autumn/winter women's boots collection is a genuine explosion of modern femininity. Forget those high-heeled shoes and pastel shades: these boots and ankle boots defy feminine stereotypes and redefine the concept of charm.

The boots of the 2013-2014 autumn/winter collection are ideal for the aggressive and canny look, in which the manly element offers a striking contrast to the undeniably feminine forms. The medium heel (50 mm) and rounded tips both play an essential role in defining this style.

A distinctive element: the metal detail. Studded belts, buckles and zips line the soft top-grade hide (lambskin) of these boots and are the defining aesthetic feature of the uppers and bootlegs.

Another distinctive feature of the 2013-2014 autumn/winter collection boots: the nuances. Anthracite grey fades to dark brown details with a 'used' effect, combining charm and style.

Come visit our online boutique and discover all the boots and ankle boots of the women's 2013-2014 autumn/winter collection.


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