A pair of boots that are with us for a long time become an inseparable part of our style. Aged, faded leather makes these shoes an essential part of who we are.

One might call it a calculated neglect that elevates the look into something real, like the colour of living leather, drawing attention to what is hidden beneath the surface of every "beauty" treatment applied to the upper. The result of constant wear, of use that bears the signs of a habit that reveals itself as a part of our lives under each wrinkle in the leather.

Experience builds, miles are travelled, the leather of our boots ages and becomes a part of us.

This is the point of departure of Barracuda's women's aged-leather boots: when we open the box of a new pair of these shoes, they have already been ours for some time. They have already walked with us before going on our feet, they have already lived through winters fair and foul before making our acquaintance.

This magic trick is made possible by the masterful skill possessed by Barracuda's craftsmen and the particular process used to age the leather, a detail that rounds out a captivating and charismatic lines of boots.

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