We all know there are business trips and business trips, but whatever the trip, there’s never an excuse to leave your style at home. Here are a few ideas on what to pack for your next business trip to ensure you travel in style. A lot depends, of course, on the length of the trip. If it’s longer than a day, then travel in something comfortable and keep your business clothes in a bag or suitcase. Comfortable, but without compromising on style. To evoke a vintage traveler look, try pairing chinos with the Barracuda suede and calf leather Brogue lace-up shoes or ankle boots. If you want to travel in style and complete comfort, then treat yourself to some leather sneakers – the embodiment of casual style. Among the ever-present companions for a business trip are the hi-tech tools, such as the iPad, which help us to fill our time productively, especially on longer trips. The accessory that’s synonymous with travel is, of course, the suitcase. Holdalls, travel bags, trolley suitcases, the choices are endless, but the question is: do we settle for the first bag we come to, or do we go for something a bit more distinctive? In the case of the latter, we recommend you take some inspiration from the Barracuda collection of leather holdalls and travel bags. There you will also find exclusive ideas for taking your iPad with you on your travels. Spacious, handy and stylish, a Barracuda bag is designed to pack everything you need on your business trip with “Made in Italy” style.