To tell you about the origins of the name "penny loafers", which is sometimes given to moccasins, we'll tell you a story about the desire to be eye-catching with class. Here you are the penny loafers history.

You could say that moccasins had the fortune to become an integral accessory of American school uniforms in the 1950s. But the very word "uniform" goes against the grain for anyone wishing to stand out from the crowd; it's too tight a fit for those who love distinctive style.

That's why the decorative front panel with the classic diamond cut-out introduced in the 1930s was the focus for the innovation to the official prep school uniform with a detail that anyone could afford…: a penny.

The size of the coin was perfect for inserting into the diamond cut-out on the moccasin (or loafer) and gave the shoes copper lustre and a new name with which those moccasins entered in the history of shoes.

The moccasin and the penny became two components of a fashion and style accessory: the penny loafer. In time, the anti-uniform element became a feature of this quintessentially casual footwear.

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