Few people have influenced cultural, musical and even style trends as much as the Beatles with their explosive impact. Besides their hairstyles, another iconic Beatles element were the leather boots they wore as part of their stage outfit. The Chelsea boots from the Barracuda women's collection are inspired by that same style. An English beat style revival which, re-adapted to women's fashion, turns into a shoe well-suited for a decidedly masculine outfit.

Especially when worn by women, the low Chelsea boots become an eye-catching accessory. So then, why not choose combinations that enhance the distinctiveness of these shoes?

Skinny trousers, or even a pair of leggings with high-contrast colours, will aptly enhance the line of these straight-heeled low boots, by subtly evoking their riding boot origins.

In line with '60s style fashion, which saw the Beatles establish themselves as the main style icons for generations to come, the Chelsea boots can be worn with men's style cigarette pants, possibly made with a robust fabric like pied de poule. So come and join the '60s revival by wearing the best Chelsea boots for women, and add a touch of authentic Italian-made class to your personal style.